Music And Movement

We at MBIP have an opinion that an early start of Music and Movement amongst toddlers has various benefits; hence we have incorporated it in our Curriculum at MBIP. We do various activities under this segment by introducing kids to musical instruments, live guitar, make your own music, understanding of rhythm, etc during Music and Movement at MBIP.

Benefits of Early Start to Music and Movement.

  1. Starting early helps in developing a positive disposition:
    Just like how we speak or read to our babies if we want them to develop language, introducing them to music early on, helps them to develop a positive disposition towards it. The repetitive rhythms and words of lullabies and songs are appealing to babies, right from the unborn stage in the womb.
  2. Stimulates the brain, language development, motor skills:
    Introducing your baby to music helps in stimulating the brain and building cognitive skills. It helps in sharpening a baby’s memory and in the emotional development of the baby. Language development, which primarily takes place in the first 5 years of a child’s life, is accentuated with exposure to music. Furthermore, the actions and movements which come along with music, help in developing the fine and gross motor skills of the baby.
  3. Exposing babies to a variety of music:
    Besides Songs and Rhymes where the repetitive rhythms and sounds soothe the kids, exposing them to a wide variety of music across languages and genres is extremely helpful for their overall development.
  4. Helps resolve sleep issues :
    Music is especially useful for unsettled and colicky babies. It also helps in resolving sleep issues as lullabies go along with the heartbeat of the baby and help in relaxing them. Research done at The Great Ormond Street Hospital in England showed that when children under 3 were exposed to music, it helped in reducing their pain and anxiety levels. Their heart rate slowed down which resulted in them being more relaxed and comfortable.