Our annual events

Community Helpers

We always respect and admire our Community helpers…Read More

Father’s Day

This year, we had celebrated Father’s Day with zest andRead More

Makar Sankranti 2022

A glimpse of an Online Kite flying celebration at MBIPRead More

Christmas Carnival 2021

Our school celebrated Christmas day at …Read More

International Clown Week

We celebrated an event called CIRCUS O MANIA to mark the importanceRead More

Pre Diwali Bash

We celebrated a Pre Diwali Bash at MBIPRead More

Sensory Playdate

We were glad to invite toddlers and parents for the annual Sensory Play Date at MBIPRead More

Navratri Festival

We celebrate the Navratri festival  at MBIP every year as the kids dress up in traditional wearRead More

Annual day

We conducted our Annual Day celebration at Durgadevi Saraf Hall in theRead More

Slumber party

MBIP was full of giggles and wiggles, popcorn and cake, as we had organized a Slumber Party for theRead More

Family Day Out

A field trip to a beach was organised to mark the Family Day out for the Read More

Valentine’s Day

As Valentine’s Day was around the corner we celebrated by decorating our classroomsRead More

Creepy Crawlers day

A dress-up day was organised wherein parents dressed up their honey bunches creatively andRead More