Our Differentiators

  1. Stimulating Environment:
  • -State-of-the-art infrastructure
  • -Technology infused learning experience through ICT in each class.
  • -Exposure to rich and diverse stimuli for better brain growth.
  • -Development of Multiple Intelligences and various skills.


  1. Holistic Approach:
  • -Active experiential learning focusing on physical, social, emotional, creative and cognitive development.
  • -Promoting lifelong learning by constructing meaning from all the experiences given.
  1. Child Rights:
  • -Right to choose, learn and express in a unique way.
  • -Prepare the child to be a confident and respectful being.
  1. Parents as Partners:
  • -Active online and offline communication.
  • -Regular workshops.
  • -Assistance in creating a common vocabulary for the child.
  1. Hygiene, Safety and Well being:
  • -Child-friendly equipment.
  • -Sanitization of toys on a regular basis.
  • -Safe and germ-free environment.
  1. Assessment and Evaluation:
  • -Portfolio based review of work and learning.
  • -Regular Parent-Teacher meets throughout the year.
  • -Continuous anecdotal records are maintained for each and every milestone achieved by the child.
  1. The Learning Tools Programme (LTP): The LTP facility at MBIP is an initiative to utilize the potential of toys and books to enhance the learning curve of our tiny tots. Our vision is to gift each kid with the joy of learning through play and thereby increase the happiness quotient of our tiny angels at MBIP.